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Calibration Control Version History

Calibration Management Software Solution

Download the Current Version today!  Calibration Control is always improving so let us know what we can do for you!  Update for free if you purchased Calibration Control in the last 12 months.  Otherwise, you may be eligible for a nice discount if you have an earlier version so please ask!  Understanding Ape's Version Control Methods.

Version 8.6 (3 Jan 2014)

Current Users:  If your Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) expires before this release date you will need to renew to use this version.

  • Added: Ability to Minimize Terminal Dialog (AI 1811)
  • Added: Set Initial As Found/Left Values to Zeros Instead of Nulls (AI 1812)
  • Added: Calibration and Systems Grids in Terminal (AI 1810)
  • Added: Folder Browsing Should Be As Easy As File Browsing (AI 911)
  • Added: Resetting DB Drivers to New Version (ACE) Should be Easier (AI 1321)
  • Added: Option for "Prevent Entry of Future Date for Calibration Events" (AI 1814)
  • Added: Sample Data & Easy Removal Method (AI 1378)
  • Added: Use Access Databases with Custom Names (AI 1821)
  • Added: Renew with Credit Card Link from SMA Status Dialog (AI 1820)
  • Fixed: Reload Data Tables -> Open Equipment Dialog = Crash (AI 1818)

Version 8.5.4 (11 Dec 2014)

Another User reported a couple of bugs and we wanted to get the fixes out to you quick, in case they're needed.

  • Fixed: Can't Check Checkbox in Select Standards Dialog (AI 1806)
  • Fixed: Measurement Grid Partly Editable Without Proper Permissions (AI 1808)
  • Added: Remember Layout of Calibration Standards Grid (AI 1807)

Version 8.5.3 (10 Dec 2014)

Found two more important bugs.  If you use security or the THUM device, this would be a good upgrade.

  • Fixed: THUM Device Not Working (AI 1804)
  • Fixed: Can't Save Changes in User Dialog (AI 1805)

Version 8.5.2 (9 Dec 2014)

Quick release to RE-fix an update bug.  Sorry about that!  If you already upgraded to version 8.5, you probably don't need this release.

  • Fixed: Freeze During Update of Database to 8.5 on Some Instances (AI 1802)

Version 8.5.1 (9 Dec 2014)

Quick release to fix an SQL bug.

  • Fixed: Click on Standards Button in SQL Server = Invalid Column Name Error (AI 1803)

Version 8.5 (8 Dec 2014)

Current Users:  If your Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) expires before this release date you will need to renew to use this version.

  • Added: Ability to Make Unused Features Invisible (AI 1801)
  • Added: SIMPLE Version of Calibration Control (AI 1557)
  • Added: 100 Record Inexpensive Version (AI 1558)
  • Added: Override Calibration Event As Found/Left Fields (AI 1704)
  • Added: Dates in Auto Emails Same Format as Dates in Grids (AI 1794)
  • Added: Editable Calibration Standards Grid (AI 1791)
  • Added: Current User Names for Labels (AI 1792)
  • Added: Set Permissions on All Dialogs in Terminal (AI 1799)
  • Added: Ability to Disable Record Job in Terminal (AI 1798)
  • Added: Current User Names for Reports (AI 1793)
  • Added: Check In/Out Dialog Not Protected With Editable Permission (AI 1800)
  • Fixed: Past Due Colors Not Visible in Auto Emails Sent to GMail (AI 1795)

Version 8.4 (25 Nov 2014)

Current Users:  If your Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) expires before this release date you will need to renew to use this version.

  • Added: Save Layouts by User on Each Client or Terminal Server (AI 1193)
  • Added: Adjustable Delay Between Sending Auto Emails (AI 1781)
  • Added: Show Equipment With No Site When User-Site Feature On (AI 1782)
  • Added: Ability to Delete Uncertainty Budgets (AI 1788)
  • Added: Delete Records From New Calibration History Grid (AI 1787)
  • Added: Right-Click Print of Uncertainty Budget from Grid (AI 1786)
  • Fixed: Auto Email Sometimes Doesn't Work with Google SMTP (AI 1780)
  • Fixed: Selecting THUM DB Location With Unused DB = Crash (AI 1784)
  • Fixed: Admins Cannot Link Users to All Sites (AI 1717)
  • Fixed: Editing Uncertainty Detail Moves Detail to Last (AI 1785)
  • Fixed: Create Measurement Records Directly in DB = Sometimes Crash (AI 1779)

Version 8.3.1 (10 Nov 2014)

Quick release to fix two bugs.

  • Fixed: Opening New User Record = Crash (AI 1778)
  • Changed: Hidden Standard Should Not be a Standard (AI 1165)
  • Fixed: Open Data Folder for SQL Should Show Message Not Folder (AI 1664)
  • Fixed: Calibration Certificate Error (AI 1776)
  • Fixed: Refresh/Add Missing Reference Records Skipped Grid SQL Switches (AI 1777)

Version 8.3 (4 Nov 2014)

Current Users:  If your Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) expires before this release date you will need to renew to use this version.

  • Added: Measurement Uncertainty Budget (AI 923)
  • Added: Additional Password Security Features (AI 1768)
  • Added: Ability to Choose Fields, Sorts, & Filters for Web Reports (AI 563)
  • Added: Customizable Auto Website (AI 821)
  • Added: More Decimal Places Required in Custom Number Fields (AI 1755)
  • Added: Calibration History Grid Should Execute Grid Filters Against Database (AI 1756)
  • Added: Phone Numbers in Certificate Default Fields (AI 1769)
  • Added: OOT Report for Sql Server (AI 1766)
  • Fixed: Creating an Equipment Note Throws an Error (AI 1757)
  • Fixed: Measure Groups in SQL Cal Certificate Mixed (AI 1767)
  • Fixed: Startup INI Not Secured (AI 1754)
  • Fixed: Changes Made In Some Dialogs Not Recorded in Change Log (AI 1774)
  • Fixed: Using an SqlDb DataSource in Reports = Blank Print Menu (AI 1765)
  • Fixed: Home Page Blank in Web Reporting (Publish Website) (AI 1744)
  • Fixed: Calibration History Does Detect Grid Sort (AI 1745)
  • Fixed: Changes in People Record Do Not Instantly Affect People Drop Downs (AI 1750)
  • Fixed: Tech Checkbox Not Checked When Creating Tech From System Dialog (AI 1751)
  • Fixed: Changing Barcode Field Does Not Trigger Save Message (AI 1752)
  • Fixed: Change Calibration History Label to Custom Report (AI 1764)
  • Fixed: Deleting Values Equipment Combos Does Not Ask to Save (AI 1773)
  • Fixed: Asterisk in Department Name + Create Auto Website = Crash (AI 1775)

Version 8.2.4 (21 Oct 2014)

Quick release to fix one bug.  No need to upgrade to this version unless experiencing these bugs.

  • Fixed: Measure Groups Not Together in SQL Server Cert (AI 1771)

Version 8.2.3 (20 Oct 2014)

Quick release to fix two bugs.

  • Fixed: Updating Records to 7.3.3 on SQL Server = Freeze (AI 1770)
  • Fixed: Recalculate Due Cal Function When Users Change Key Field in DB = Crash (AI 1753)

Version 8.2.2 (30 Sep 2014)

Quick release to fix one bug.

  • Fixed: Printing Certificate in SQL = Error Message (AI 1760)

Version 8.2.1 (4 Sep 2014)

Quick release primarily to fix a bug related to the Permissions dialog.

  • Fixed: Crash on Permission Edit in SQL Server (AI 1746)
  • Fixed: Update Equipment Records from Common Fields in System Dialog (AI 1749)
  • Added: Certificate Number Not In Default Tool Browse Grid (AI 1747)

Version 8.2 (20 Aug 2014)

Current Users:  If your Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) expires before this release date you will need to renew to use this version.

  • Added: Calibration Grid at Top Level (AI 1642)
  • Added: Menu Option to Reset Code Grids to Default (AI 1742)
  • Added: Check In/Out Dialog Should Display Remaining Use Counts (AI 1683)
  • Added: Calibration Frequencies for Month End & Start (AI 1659)
  • Added: Reference Only Calibration Frequency (AI 1703)
  • Added: Format Dates in Data Grids (AI 1634)
  • Fixed: New Calibration Events From Templates in SQL Server = Crash (AI 1743)

Version 8.1.7 (12 Aug 2014)

Quick release to fix an important bug caused by the previous release (8.1.6).

  • Fixed: Multi Group Measure Templates Creates Same Measurements for All Groups (AI 1737)

Version 8.1.6 (12 Aug 2014)

  • Fixed: Month/Week Of Shows Past Due in Grid When Not Past Due (AI 1736)
  • Fixed: Restart Dialog Shows Up Behind Database Update Dialog (AI 1707)
  • Fixed: Department Auto Emails Do Not Include Complete Equipment List (AI 1676)
  • Fixed: Monthly Auto Notify in CC Creates Daily Windows Task (AI 1677)
  • Fixed: About Box Link Broken and Copyright Text Missing (AI 1678)
  • Fixed: Cannot Delete Job Record (AI 1732)
  • Fixed: Error Log Files Not Working (AI 1697)
  • Fixed: Permission Changes Do Not Always Save (AI 1731)
  • Fixed: Duplicate Equipment IDs With Multiple CC Windows (AI 1730)
  • Fixed: Printing Lots of Worksheets from Grid = Crash (AI 1725)
  • Fixed: Tool Grid Updates When Equipment Dialog Cancelled (Blank Fields) (AI 1674)
  • Fixed: Reload Data Tables Leads to Program Closing (AI 1714)
  • Fixed: Cost Should Not be Default Field in Tool Browse (AI 1673)
  • Fixed: Equipment Type Name, Not Code, Should Display in Drop Down (AI 1709)
  • Fixed: Duplicate Certificate Numbers with Multiple Users (AI 1667)
  • Fixed: Status Combos in Options Dialog Have No Data (AI 1694)
  • Fixed: Cannot Enter Job Using SQL Server Database (AI 1457)
  • Fixed: Initial Start Does Not Provide SQL Server Option (AI 1692)
  • Fixed: Custodian Field Doesn't Print On Labels (AI 1691)
  • Fixed: Print Menu Blank When tblReportGroups Has Duplicate Groups (AI 1685)
  • Added: Use INI File to Define Connection Properties (AI 1689)
  • Added: Expose All 10 Custom Character Fields in Calibration Dialog (AI 1706)
  • Added: Link Button In Procedure Dialog (AI 1722)
  • Added: Include Measurement Notes in Worksheets (AI 1729)
  • Added: Require Check In Before Check Out Option (AI 1712)
  • Added: Tool Browse Grid Reset Doesn't Default Sort by Equipment ID (AI 1680)
  • Added: Second Next Cal in Tool Browse to Perform Range Filters (AI 1696)
  • Added: Equipment Type Code Not Available in Tool Browse Grid (AI 1708)
  • Added: Equipment Count by Department Graphs (AI 1711)

Version 8.1.5 (28 Apr 2014)

Current Users:  If your Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) expires before this release date you will need to renew to use this version.

  • Added: Check Out Dialog with Corresponding Fields (AI 1271)
  • Added: Record Current Due Date As Part of Calibration Event (AI 1296)
  • Added: Print a Range of Due Cal Labels Before & After Cal Event (AI 1304)
  • Added: Calibration Frequencies Based on Use Count and Use Time (AI 1328)
  • Added: Manual Calibration Frequency (AI 1445)
  • Added: Disable Cal Due Date Field When Auto Calculated (AI 1446)
  • Added: Add a Checkbox to ID People as Technicians for Combo Choices (AI 1463)
  • Added: Highlight Equipment Systems When Children Out of Cal (AI 1497)
  • Added: Reset Data Grid Layout from Popup Menu (AI 1556)
  • Added: Show Most Current Child Due Date in Equipment Systems (AI 1582)
  • Added: Select Label Printer Option (AI 961)
  • Added: Dropdown Report Parameters (AI 970)
  • Added: Default Values for Report Date Parameters (AI 1007)
  • Added: Speed Up Browse Load by Offering Different Load Sets (AI 1439)
  • Added: Attachments Links Should be Possible for Web URLs (AI 1473)
  • Added: Ability to Sort & Filter Standards Dialog During Selection (AI 1579)
  • Added: Use Equipment ID as Defalt Barcode - Option (AI 1581)
  • Added: Record Job Dialog Should Remember if Scanner Was Last Used (AI 1594)
  • Added: Ability to Edit Measurement Types (AI 1600)
  • Added: Update Equipment Department/Location from Custodian (AI 1602)
  • Added: Report for Custodian Equipment Grouped by Type (AI 1605)
  • Added: Cal Due Date Range Should Default to BOM and EOM (AI 1606)
  • Added: Manually Extend Calibration Cycle (AI 1607)
  • Added: UDL File via Executable Switch for SQL Server (AI 1611)
  • Added: Calibration Time and Cost Fields (AI 1614)
  • Added: Calibration Due Report Should Have a Default Sort (AI 1615)
  • Added: No Grams in Default Measurement Units (AI 1626)
  • Added: Calibration Past Due and Soon Due Grouped Separately Report (AI 1649)
  • Fixed: Tool Browse Changes Position After Edit (AI 1161)
  • Fixed: Toggling Highlight Past Due = Repeating Past Due Header Text (AI 1297)
  • Fixed: Open Old Attachment in SQL = Crash (AI 1559)
  • Fixed: Auto Emails Don't Work with Secure SMTP Connections (AI 1561)
  • Fixed: Multiple BCCs in Auto Emails w/ >1 Delimiter = Crash (AI 1562)
  • Fixed: Size/Range Table Allows Duplicates (AI 1567)
  • Fixed: Inspector Initials Dialog Sizable - Shouldn't Be (AI 1568)
  • Fixed: Create New User Insert Fails Without Department (AI 1569)
  • Fixed: SQL Server Worksheet Views Broken (AI 1576)
  • Fixed: Calibration History View References Old Cal Co Table (AI 1580)
  • Fixed: Unspecified Error When Authentication Turned On (AI 1583)
  • Fixed: [New] Button in Equipment Dialog Doesn't Clear All Fields (AI 1587)
  • Fixed: Record Job Dialog Does Not Allow Slashes (/ or \) (AI 1590)
  • Fixed: Equipment Status Changed After Calibration When [No] Button (AI 1591)
  • Fixed: Chart Combo Boxes Not Limited to List Values (AI 1593)
  • Fixed: Technician Can Approve Calibration Event by Default (AI 1597)
  • Fixed: Closing Cal Asks to Update Even When Already Same Date (AI 1609)
  • Fixed: Print Certificate When Connected to SQL = Error (AI 1612)
  • Fixed: Status Change Dialog w/Numeric Equipment ID Find Master IDs (AI 1621)
  • Fixed: Import from V4 Broken w/Duplicate Departments or Locations (AI 1632)
  • Fixed: Site Field Does Not Update in Equipment Dialog (AI 1633)
  • Fixed: Model Number Not Saved When Not Part of Drop Down (AI 1635)
  • Fixed: Manufacture Add Link Button Always Disabled When Signed In (AI 1636)
  • Fixed: Phone Numbers in Companies Don't Save or Show in Grid (AI 1647)
  • Improved: Too Many Open Connections to SQL Database (AI 1610)
  • Improved: Speed Up Browse Load by Offering Different Load Sets (AI 1439)
  • Improved: Link Users to People - Disable Duplicate Fields (AI 1617)

Version 8.0.9 (21 Nov 2013)

  • Fixed: Delete or Print Cert of New Cal Record = Crash (AI 1547)
  • Fixed: Icons in the 8.0.7 Version that say 8.0.8 - Arrrrgg! (AI 1548)
  • Fixed: Custodian Charts w/No People Records = Crash (AI 1550)
  • Fixed: GUID Displays in Mfg Field When Changing Model Number (AI 1551)
  • Fixed: Code Grids Say 1 Record Returned When No Records Visible (AI 1552)
  • Fixed: Excess Records with "In Site" Duplicate IDs (AI 1553)

Version 8.0.7 (17 Nov 2013)

Current Users:  If your Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) expires before this release date you will need to renew to use this version.

  • Added: Multiple Standards for Each Measure Group & Measurement (AI 1168)
  • Added: Calendar View & Report (AI 473 & 840)
  • Added: New Equipment Record Based on Existing Records (AI 795)
  • Added: Notify Specific Individuals of Equipment Due Cal (AI 822)
  • Added: Ability to Customize Email Notifications with Variables(AI 948)
  • Added: Size (Range) Field to Equipment (AI 1249)
  • Added: Graphical Reporting with Pie, Column, and Bar Charts (AI 1259)
  • Added: Office-Type Ribbon Menu (AI 986)
  • Added: Link-Only Attachments - Not Copied to CC Files Folder (AI 819)
  • Added: Single Company Table for Manufacturers & Labs (AI 1068)
  • Added: Report Designer Needs Multiple Windows (AI 1478)
  • Added: Tabbed Navigation for Open Screens (AI 1436)
  • Added: Inspector Field as Dropdown in Equipment & Calibrations Dialogs (AI 529)
  • Added: Equipment Cost Field (AI 784)
  • Added: Expanded Company Contact Fields (AI 793)
  • Added: Additional Employee (People) Fields (AI 794)
  • Added: Lots More Custom Fields in Equipment Dialog (AI 812)
  • Added: Assigned In-House Technicians for Specific Equipment (AI 817)
  • Added: Change Log Printing, Exporting, & Grouping (AI 880)
  • Added: Equipment Groups / Systems (AI 1010)
  • Added: Add Site Company Field to Equipment Edit (AI 1069)
  • Added: Calibration Certificates Should Have Degree Symbol (AI 1071)
  • Added: Use Last Calibration Event for Current Template - Option (AI 1119)
  • Added: Unique Labels for Each Equipment, Type, & Model (AI 1138)
  • Added: Auto-Fill After Should Populate As Left When Enabled (AI 1141)
  • Added: Date Acquired & In Service Fields in Equipment Dialog (AI 1149)
  • Added: Checkbox for Personal Equipment (AI 1167)
  • Added: New Label Type for Next Use (AI 1224)
  • Added: Unique Reports for Assignable at Equipment, Type, & Model Levels (AI 1238)
  • Added: Auto Increment Equipment ID With User Mask (AI 1277)
  • Added: Disabling Asset Transfer Should Only Affect Terminal Version (AI 1281)
  • Added: Alternate Equipment ID for Client Equipment (AI 1309)
  • Added: Make Calibration Certificate Number Visible in Dialog (AI 1352)
  • Added: Procedure Quick Reference to Calibration Dialog (AI 1367)
  • Added: Status Change Dialog to Quickly Change Status of Multiple Equipment (AI 1401)
  • Added: Link Equipment Status to Calibration Status - Option (AI 1402)
  • Added: Date Received Field for Calibration Tab of Equipment (AI 1403)
  • Added: Ask to Print OOT Worksheet Dialog - Option (AI 1404)
  • Added: Calibration Certificate Auto Number With Mask (AI 1420)
  • Added: Roles and Permissions Report (AI 1422)
  • Added: Inventory Grouped by Location Report (AI 1429)
  • Added: Custodian Field on Both Default Worksheets (AI 1422)
  • Added: Report for Calibrations Performed in a Single Day (AI 1443)
  • Added: Option Prevent Auto Copy of Files on Startup (AI 1467)
  • Added: Add Footer to Link Multi-Page Calibration Certificates (AI 1475)
  • Added: Ability to Add New Equipment Type in Model Dialog (AI 1513)
  • Added: Connection Log (AI 1521)
  • Fixed: Cal Company Combo Does Not Save After Adding New Co (AI 1283)
  • Fixed: Simple Calibration Certificate Has Two Blank Fields (AI 1324)
  • Fixed: Measurement Notes Limited to 150 Characters (AI 1396)
  • Fixed: Converting from 5.x Does Not Auto Calculate Due Dates (AI 1398)
  • Fixed: Converting Measurements During 5.x or 7.3 Upgrade Too Slow (AI 1399)
  • Fixed: Select & Delete Mfg on New Record = Crash (AI 1418)
  • Fixed: Measure Template Not Applied When THUM Not Installed (AI 1419)
  • Fixed: Job Browse Errors on Spanish Windows 7 OS (AI 1421)
  • Fixed: Duplicate [Measure Unit] Record Error During Update (AI 1428)
  • Fixed: Cannot Enter Job Using SQL Server Database (AI 1438)
  • Fixed: Custom Labels and Reports by Site (AI 1440)
  • Fixed: Report Designer Doesn't Know Location of Reports Folder (AI 1456)
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