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Calibration Control Version History

Calibration Management Software Solution

Download the Current Version today!  Calibration Control is always improving so let us know what we can do for you!  Update for free if you purchased Calibration Control in the last 12 months.  Otherwise, you may be eligible for a nice discount if you have an earlier version so please ask!  Understanding Ape's Version Control Methods.

Version 8.0.9 (21 Nov 2103)

  • Fixed: Delete or Print Cert of New Cal Record = Crash (AI 1547)
  • Fixed: Icons in the 8.0.7 Version that say 8.0.8 - Arrrrgg! (AI 1548)
  • Fixed: Custodian Charts w/No People Records = Crash (AI 1550)
  • Fixed: GUID Displays in Mfg Field When Changing Model Number (AI 1551)
  • Fixed: Code Grids Say 1 Record Returned When No Records Visible (AI 1552)
  • Fixed: Excess Records with "In Site" Duplicate IDs (AI 1553)

Version 8.0.7 (17 Nov 2013)

Current Users:  If your Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) expires before this release date you will need to renew to use this version.

  • Added: Multiple Standards for Each Measure Group & Measurement (AI 1168)
  • Added: Calendar View & Report (AI 473 & 840)
  • Added: New Equipment Record Based on Existing Records (AI 795)
  • Added: Notify Specific Individuals of Equipment Due Cal (AI 822)
  • Added: Ability to Customize Email Notifications with Variables(AI 948)
  • Added: Size (Range) Field to Equipment (AI 1249)
  • Added: Graphical Reporting with Pie, Column, and Bar Charts (AI 1259)
  • Added: Office-Type Ribbon Menu (AI 986)
  • Added: Link-Only Attachments - Not Copied to CC Files Folder (AI 819)
  • Added: Single Company Table for Manufacturers & Labs (AI 1068)
  • Added: Report Designer Needs Multiple Windows (AI 1478)
  • Added: Tabbed Navigation for Open Screens (AI 1436)
  • Added: Inspector Field as Dropdown in Equipment & Calibrations Dialogs (AI 529)
  • Added: Equipment Cost Field (AI 784)
  • Added: Expanded Company Contact Fields (AI 793)
  • Added: Additional Employee (People) Fields (AI 794)
  • Added: Lots More Custom Fields in Equipment Dialog (AI 812)
  • Added: Assigned In-House Technicians for Specific Equipment (AI 817)
  • Added: Change Log Printing, Exporting, & Grouping (AI 880)
  • Added: Equipment Groups / Systems (AI 1010)
  • Added: Add Site Company Field to Equipment Edit (AI 1069)
  • Added: Calibration Certificates Should Have Degree Symbol (AI 1071)
  • Added: Use Last Calibration Event for Current Template - Option (AI 1119)
  • Added: Unique Labels for Each Equipment, Type, & Model (AI 1138)
  • Added: Auto-Fill After Should Populate As Left When Enabled (AI 1141)
  • Added: Date Acquired & In Service Fields in Equipment Dialog (AI 1149)
  • Added: Checkbox for Personal Equipment (AI 1167)
  • Added: New Label Type for Next Use (AI 1224)
  • Added: Unique Reports for Assignable at Equipment, Type, & Model Levels (AI 1238)
  • Added: Auto Increment Equipment ID With User Mask (AI 1277)
  • Added: Disabling Asset Transfer Should Only Affect Terminal Version (AI 1281)
  • Added: Alternate Equipment ID for Client Equipment (AI 1309)
  • Added: Make Calibration Certificate Number Visible in Dialog (AI 1352)
  • Added: Procedure Quick Reference to Calibration Dialog (AI 1367)
  • Added: Status Change Dialog to Quickly Change Status of Multiple Equipment (AI 1401)
  • Added: Link Equipment Status to Calibration Status - Option (AI 1402)
  • Added: Date Received Field for Calibration Tab of Equipment (AI 1403)
  • Added: Ask to Print OOT Worksheet Dialog - Option (AI 1404)
  • Added: Calibration Certificate Auto Number With Mask (AI 1420)
  • Added: Roles and Permissions Report (AI 1422)
  • Added: Inventory Grouped by Location Report (AI 1429)
  • Added: Custodian Field on Both Default Worksheets (AI 1422)
  • Added: Report for Calibrations Performed in a Single Day (AI 1443)
  • Added: Option Prevent Auto Copy of Files on Startup (AI 1467)
  • Added: Add Footer to Link Multi-Page Calibration Certificates (AI 1475)
  • Added: Ability to Add New Equipment Type in Model Dialog (AI 1513)
  • Added: Connection Log (AI 1521)
  • Fixed: Cal Company Combo Does Not Save After Adding New Co (AI 1283)
  • Fixed: Simple Calibration Certificate Has Two Blank Fields (AI 1324)
  • Fixed: Measurement Notes Limited to 150 Characters (AI 1396)
  • Fixed: Converting from 5.x Does Not Auto Calculate Due Dates (AI 1398)
  • Fixed: Converting Measurements During 5.x or 7.3 Upgrade Too Slow (AI 1399)
  • Fixed: Select & Delete Mfg on New Record = Crash (AI 1418)
  • Fixed: Measure Template Not Applied When THUM Not Installed (AI 1419)
  • Fixed: Job Browse Errors on Spanish Windows 7 OS (AI 1421)
  • Fixed: Duplicate [Measure Unit] Record Error During Update (AI 1428)
  • Fixed: Cannot Enter Job Using SQL Server Database (AI 1438)
  • Fixed: Custom Labels and Reports by Site (AI 1440)
  • Fixed: Report Designer Doesn't Know Location of Reports Folder (AI 1456)
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