Ape Version Control Methods

What do the numbers in the version mean?

The versioning system used by Ape Software makes use of all four place holders in the standard Major, Minor, Build, and Revision system.

Using the sample version of . . .

  • 7 (Major):  Primary purpose to introduce new major functionality that almost always includes a database structure update.
  • 5 (Minor):  Mainly introduces new Minor functionality and resolve bugs that include a database structure update.
  • 9 (Build):  Same as a Minor release (above) but does not include a structure update for the database.
  • 2 (Revision):  Usually a private release during internal testing or a quick release to address individual user issues (e.g., bug fixes).

Even though a Major or Minor versions are primarily used to introduce new major or minor features respectively, Ape sometimes may increment these versions when their sub-versions become double-digit numbers.

Update Notifications

Software produced by Ape includes an auto notification system that tells users when a new version is available.  All Major versions will trigger an auto notification while Minors and Builds usually trigger the notification.  If Ape believes the change released affects only a small number of users, Ape will notify those users directly and will not trigger the update message.

Note that while the default reminder frequency is daily, registered users have the ability to change the reminder frequency to weekly or monthly.

Looking for the Version History for Calibration Control (our Calibration Management Software)?

Product Key Licensing

Although anyone can download any released version of our software, a current Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA), represented by a unique Product Key, is required to unlock current versions.  In other words, the last date of your SMA must be equal to or greater than the release date of any given version for the key to work.

Software Download

You can always download the most current version or download a previous version from the Download Archive.