Version History

Download the Current Version today!  Calibration Control is always improving so let us know what we can do for you!  Update for free if you purchased Calibration Control in the last 12 months.  Otherwise, you may be eligible for a nice discount if you have an earlier version so please ask!  Understanding Ape's Version Control Methods.

Version 8.10.1 (1 Nov 2017)

Calibration Label Doesn't Print  (AI 2568-Defect)
Improve Product Icon Resolution  (AI 2572-Aesthetic)
Label and Report Changes Not Record in Change Log  (AI 2571-Defect)
Option for Link Only Attachment as Default  (AI 2567-Feature)
Printing Asset Label Crashes  (AI 2569-Defect)
Product Manual Update  (AI 2573-Usability)
Select All in Cell Equipment Grid = Crash  (AI 2546-Defect)

Version 8.10 (23 Oct 2017)

Custom Grid Highlighting Colors  (AI 1622-Feature)
Equipment Custom Due Cal Date Not Saved  (AI 2556-Defect)
Equipment Dialog Asks to Save with No Changes  (AI 2552-Defect)
Equipment ID as Possible Entry in Update Use Hours Dialog  (AI 2558-Feature)
Highlight for Equipment in Calibration/Repair  (AI 2535-Feature)
Improve Layout of Hide Checked Features Dialog  (AI 2561-Usability)
Keep Asset Transfer Dialog Open until Finished  (AI 2530-Usability)
Measurements in New Records NULL = PASS Results in SQL  (AI 2553-Usability)
Notes Grid in Equipment Dialog Too High  (AI 2563-Aesthetic)
Prevent Cal Label with Failed Calibration  (AI 2554-Feature)
Record Use of Use Day Recalculate  (AI 2534-Feature)
Remove CRM & Samples Module  (AI 2560-Usability)
Remove Update Pauses for SQL Server  (AI 2559-Usability)
Show Password Option in Sign In Dialog  (AI 2562-Usability)

Version 8.9.17 (20 Aug 2017)

Active Reports 11 SP1  (AI 2541-Stability)
Check-In Increments Use Days Too Much  (AI 2528-Defect)
Create an Update Use Hours Dialog  (AI 2540-Feature)
Don't Delete Custom Auto Notifies During Updates  (AI 2548-Feature)
Frequency Units and Use Count - Increase Size  (AI 2539-Usability)
Hidden Equipment Always Show in Browse Due Cal Grid  (AI 2527-Defect)
Not All Use Day Equipment Recalculated Automatically  (AI 2531-Defect)

Version 8.9.16 (28 Mar 2017)

Option to Auto Use Current User in Check Out Dialog  (AI 2523-Usability)
Option to Block Check Out of Hidden Equipment  (AI 2525-Feature)
Option to Require Person When Checking Out  (AI 2524-Feature)
Remember Date of Last Use Count in Hidden Field  (AI 2526-Usability)
Vertically Re-Centered Calibration Grid in Equipment Dialog  (AI 2521-Aesthetic)

Version 8.9.15 (24 Mar 2017)

Close Cal History Dialog with X = Crash (Access Only)  (AI 2516-Defect)
Primary Key Constraint Error During SQL Update  (AI 2517-Defect)
Quarter of Calibration Frequency  (AI 2513-Feature)
Update Check Out Response Area w/All Equipment ID Changes  (AI 2520-Usability)
Use Count/Use Day Past Not Visible in Browse Due Cal Grid  (AI 2519-Defect)
Use Days Incremented After First Time on Same Day  (AI 2518-Defect)

Version 8.9.14 (20 Mar 2017)

Account Record Faster Load  (AI 2506-Usability)
Add Owner Field to Equipment Grid  (AI 2511-Usability)
Add Security for Editing/Creating Config Files  (AI 2478-Security)
Additional Default Contract Type of Upgrade  (AI 2488-Usability)
Asset Transfer with Exponential Notation as Equipment ID = Crash  (AI 2480-Defect)
Calculate All Due Dates Should Not Include Overridden Records  (AI 2503-Defect)
Calibration History Grid Duplicate Records in User-Site Mode  (AI 2490-Defect)
Calibration History Grid Shows GUIDs for Who Updated  (AI 2479-Defect)
Changes to People Records Not Recorded in Change Log  (AI 2504-Defect)
Check Out Use Day Equipment Twice in Same Day = 2 Days  (AI 2495-Usability)
Check Out Use Days Gives Bad Description  (AI 2498-Defect)
Custom Fields in Labels  (AI 2508-Feature)
Default Response to Delete in Panel Grid Should be 'No'  (AI 2486-Usability)
Default Tech Permissions Doesn't Allow Measure Group Add  (AI 2492-Defect)
Define Working Days for Use Days Frequency  (AI 2497-Feature)
Hide 'Recalculate All Due Dates' by Default  (AI 2501-Usability)
Link to Folder or URL from Procedure Record  (AI 2493-Feature)
Missing DB Drivers Dialog Should Reference 2007 Drivers  (AI 2494-Usability)
Permissions for Codes & Other CRM Tables  (AI 2510-Feature)
Print System Label in SQL Server = Intermittent Crash  (AI 2502-Defect)
Recalculate Use Days for Checked Out Equipment  (AI 2509-Feature)
Resetting All Permissions to Default = Crash  (AI 2491-Defect)
Universal Time Recorded in Connection Log  (AI 2485-Usability)
Use Trash Can as Delete Icon in Panel Grids  (AI 2489-Usability)

Version 8.9.13 (16 Dec 2016)

Auto Notify Does Not Work With Authentication  (AI 1504-Feature)
Biennial Calibration Frequency  (AI 2468-Feature)
Calibration Grid Layout Not Auto Saved After Adding Field  (AI 2470-Defect)
Calibration History Record Update Date Field Not Updating  (AI 2467-Defect)
Certificate Number in Calibration Grid of Equipment Dialog  (AI 2469-Feature)
Chain Printing for Labels Without Space Tab Waste  (AI 1206-Feature)
Codes Not Re-Loaded After Editing  (AI 2475-Usability)
Diable Ability to Remember Config File Name  (AI 2466-Feature)
Equipment Note Types in Codes Not Linked to Notes  (AI 2474-Defect)
Open Company Types Record with Null Booleans = Crash  (AI 2472-Defect)
Wrong Version SQL Tools for New SQL Server Installs  (AI 2465-Defect)

Version 8.9.12 (6 Dec 2016)

Active Contract Column in Accounts Grid  (AI 2460-Usability)
Add ID Number Field to Account Grid  (AI 2440-Usability)
Add IsPublic Field to Bugs Grid  (AI 2458-Usability)
Add Notes Field to Contact Grid  (AI 2417-Usability)
Add Since Field to Account Grid  (AI 2418-Usability)
Add Site Field to Asset Transfer Dialog  (AI 2053-Feature)
Adding Fields in PanelGrids Not Saving  (AI 2454-Defect)
Can't Create Call Record in Access  (AI 2438-Defect)
Chinese Encoding for Web Page Export  (AI 2426-Feature)
CRM - Custom Grid Layouts Not Working  (AI 2434-Defect)
Current Windows User  (AI 2433-Defect)
Custom Cert Number Disappears  (AI 2459-Defect)
Default Next On Site Date in Company Should be Null  (AI 2444-Usability)
Default SQL Database Upgrade to 2008 R2  (AI 2461-Stability)
Delete Measure Units -> Data Reader Error - SQL  (AI 2450-Defect)
Filter for MDB & ACCDB Files at Same Time  (AI 2427-Usability)
GUID Instead of Person Recorded During Asset Transfer  (AI 2447-Defect)
License for PDF Export Cannot be Found  (AI 2420-Defect)
Link to a Folder as an Attachment  (AI 1435-Feature)
Lots of Failed Log-In's for User = Can't Open User Record  (AI 2430-Defect)
New Users Not Immediately Displayed in Combos  (AI 2439-Usability)
NominalSpan Should Be a Double  (AI 2437-Usability)
Password Protect Windows User & User Domain Fields  (AI 2423-Security)
Program Description in Digital Signature  (AI 2463-Security)
Reset Option for Calibration Grid in Equipment Dialog  (AI 2436-Usability)
Save Equipment Record with DateTime Last Cal = Crash  (AI 2452-Defect)
Saving Reports in HTML Format Doesn't Work  (AI 1323-Defect)
Short Date Format for Due Cal Emails  (AI 2428-Usability)
Spelling Error in Filter Dialog for Calibration History Grid  (AI 2453-Aesthetic)
SQL Server Optional Update 20 Fails on Old Servers  (AI 2462-Stability)
TechnicianCalibration Field Doesn't Work With Future Calibrations  (AI 2435-Defect)
Update False Records in Legacy Auto Emails Table  (AI 2449-Stability)
Update to ActiveReports 11  (AI 2421-Stability)
Upgrade Security on Install File from SHA1 to SHA256  (AI 2464-Security)

Version 8.9.11 (27 Aug 2016)

Ability to Change Due Dates  (AI 2404-Security)
ACCDB DB Type Not in Open Dialog by Default  (AI 2411-Usability)
Active Directory Compatibility for User Authentication  (AI 1290-Feature)
Asset Transfer Dialog Displays Wrong Initial Department  (AI 2409-Defect)
Can't Change Column Names in New Grids  (AI 2407-Defect)
Can't Exit Calibration Dialog with Invalid Calibration Frequency  (AI 2249-Defect)
Ctrl + A in Filter Row to Select All in Cell  (AI 2408-Usability)
Default Export Permission Should be Any  (AI 2406-Usability)
Delete Model Record = Crash  (AI 2403-Defect)
Future Calibration Label Technician Parameter  (AI 1759-Feature)
Include Size/Range When Selecting Model in Equipment  (AI 2271-Feature)
Increase Measure Sample Size to 5  (AI 2293-Feature)
Names for Two Description Fields in Uncertainty Grid  (AI 2415-Defect)
Received for Calibration Field Does Not Resize  (AI 2414-Aesthetic)
SizeRange Label Button in Model Dialog Doesn't Work  (AI 2416-Defect)
Supplier Field Not Visible in Company Types Dialog  (AI 2402-Defect)

Version 8.9.10 (29 Jul 2016)

Calender Crash w/ No Equip Records  (AI 2398-Defect)
Delete Model Number = Crash  (AI 2400-Defect)
Index Out of Range Loading Equipment - Intermittent  (AI 2399-Defect)
Saving Equipment Record w/Alt ID = DataReader Error  (AI 2394-Defect)
Select Standards Only from User-Site, if Enabled  (AI 2397-Feature)
Send Test Message Doesn't Work  (AI 2393-Defect)

Version (12 Apr 2016)

Nominal Span Calculated Field for Certificates  (AI 2392-Feature)

Version (12 Apr 2016)

Only Super User and Higher Roles Can Print Labels  (AI 2390-Defect)

Version (12 Apr 2016)

Access Database Password Feature Does Not Work  (AI 2385-Defect)

Version 8.9.9 (12 Apr 2016)

Create a Template From Template Crashes  (AI 2344-Defect)
Grouped By In Panel Grids Doesn't Work  (AI 2340-Defect)
Send Auto Notification Test Message = Crash  (AI 2377-Defect)
Submit Changes to Task Schedules = Crash  (AI 2376-Defect)

Version 8.9.8 (10 Apr 2016)

Label Printing Crashes  (AI 2374-Defect)

Version 8.9.7 (7 Apr 2016)

Add Calibration Due Field to System Labels  (AI 2368-Feature)
Additional Default System and Calibration Labels  (AI 2369-Feature)
Asset Transfer Dialog Disabled for 'Any' Role  (AI 2360-Defect)
Calibration Due Department Grouping Report Updated  (AI 2370-Usability)
Calibration Frequency Reports Updated  (AI 2371-Usability)
Can't Access Second Measurement Group - Intermittent  (AI 2326-Defect)
Contacts of Prospects Not Visible by Default in Contact Grid  (AI 2364-Usability)
Digital Signature  (AI 2361-Usability)
Lost 32bit Compatability  (AI 2373-Defect)
Measurement Error Not Rounded in Database  (AI 2366-Defect)
New Procedural Steps Not Visible in Worksheets  (AI 2367-Defect)
Permission for Exporting  (AI 2299-Feature)
Refresh All Reference Records - Don't Include Custom Records  (AI 2362-Defect)
Refreshing All Reference Records Includes Size/Range  (AI 2355-Defect)
Samples Print Menu Does Not Work  (AI 2365-Defect)
Units Field in Calibration Dialog Should be Blank-able  (AI 2358-Usability)

Version 8.9.6 (18 Mar 2016)

Crash on Start After Update to 8.9.x - Some Users  (AI 2349-Defect)
Include Related Table Fields for System Asset Labels  (AI 2218-Feature)
Number Fields in Part Number Dialog are Integer  (AI 2350-Defect)
Updating Records to 8.8.7 in SQL Takes Too Long  (AI 2348-Defect)

Version 8.9.5 (2 Mar 2016)

Assigned To Field in Opportunities Grid  (AI 2333-Usability)
Calibration Due Report - All Due Dates Same  (AI 2341-Defect)
Can't Add New Cycle in Lots Dialog  (AI 2332-Defect)
Config File Options Should be Full Version Only  (AI 2327-Stability)
Duplicates in Equipment Grid w/User-Site Records & No User Site  (AI 2297-Defect)
Loading Measure Group Sometimes Triggers Crash - 1 User  (AI 2338-Stability)
New Calibration Record in Group Grid = Crash  (AI 2339-Defect)
Office 2010 Navigation Ribbon Style  (AI 2343-Aesthetic)
Select Default File Not in Default Folder = Crash  (AI 2336-Defect)

Version (12 Feb 2016)

Equipment ID Changes When Scanning Badge in Check Out  (AI 2320-Defect)

Version 8.9.4 (12 Feb 2016)

Add New Contract Types  (AI 2313-Usability)
Calibration Grid Doesn't Automatically Update After Deleting Records  (AI 2305-Defect)
Can't Access the Sample Module Features  (AI 2315-Defect)
Checkboxes Not Anchored In Contact Dialog  (AI 2311-Defect)
Default Company Type to Unknown  (AI 2303-Usability)
Edit User Sites in SQL = Crash  (AI 2309-Defect)
Equipment System Asset Label Doesn't Work  (AI 2306-Defect)
Expose Link Attributes for Procedural Steps  (AI 2301-Feature)
Increase Max Length of Account Notes Field  (AI 2312-Usability)
Minor Field Updates to Calibration Certificates  (AI 2317-Aesthetic)
New About Dialog  (AI 2304-Usability)
OOT Investigation Forms Grayed Out  (AI 2316-Defect)
Remove Record Job Button from Terminal  (AI 2310-Usability)
Show Version Number on Select Config Dialog  (AI 2314-Usability)
Undefined Code for Procedural Response Types  (AI 2302-Stability)

Version 8.9.3 (26 Jan 2016)

MSVCR110.DLL Missing On Some Computers  (AI 2298-Defect)

Version 8.9.2 (25 Jan 2016)

Can't Print Labels  (AI 2296-Defect)

Version 8.9.1 (20 Jan 2016)

Add New Codes Edit to Calibration Module  (AI 2287-Feature)
Auto Web CSS Copied to Settings Folder  (AI 2276-Defect)
Bugs Displayed More Than Once in Bug Panel  (AI 2288-Defect)
Can't Add Note Record - Access  (AI 2282-Defect)
Clean Up Format of Procedural Calibration Worksheet  (AI 2283-Defect)
Crash When Deleting Procedural Groups  (AI 2281-Defect)
Do Not Email/Contact Fields to Contact Dialog  (AI 2034-Feature)
Foreign Language Announcements Not Visible  (AI 2242-Defect)
Machine Name in Connection Log  (AI 2278-Feature)
New Bug Type Code: Aesthetic  (AI 2285-Feature)
New Procedural Step Type Codes  (AI 2277-Feature)
New Splash Screen - Simplify  (AI 2286-Aesthetic)
Procedural Groups Not Automatically Refreshed  (AI 2280-Defect)

Version 8.9 (13 Jan 2016)

Ability to Edit Sample Types  (AI 1988-Feature)
Add Size/Range & Procedures to the Model Number Dialog  (AI 1505-Feature)
Additional Fields in Connection Log  (AI 2266-Stability)
Additional Type Fields for Phone Numbers  (AI 2232-Feature)
Cannot Modify tblDbVersion When Updating to Version 8.3  (AI 2251-Defect)
Can't Sign In w/Custom SQL Database Name  (AI 2274-Defect)
Change to Default MS Folder Browser Dialog  (AI 2247-Stability)
Check In Default Count Always 1  (AI 2263-Defect)
Codes Quick Reference Query In Database  (AI 2259-Feature)
Delete Account Record = Crash  (AI 2261-Defect)
Hide Job Browse Menu Topics by Default  (AI 2238-Stability)
Importing V5 DB Crashes  (AI 2065-Defect)
Include Show Samples In Measure Templates  (AI 2253-Feature)
Link Button in Account Dialog Not Anchored  (AI 2265-Defect)
Procedural Steps  (AI 2216-Feature)
Raise Target CLR to .NET 4.0 (WINDOWS XP OS No longer supported)  (AI 2246-Stability)
Row Highlight Doesn't Auto Update After Edit  (AI 2260-Defect)
Select Fields Displayed in Calibration Standards  (AI 2268-Feature)
Show Samples by Default Global Option  (AI 2255-Feature)
Standards Intermittently Visible on Access Certs  (AI 2091-Defect)
Start Fails When ACE = False + ACE Drivers  (AI 2262-Defect)
Unknown & Other Company Should Be Visible by Default  (AI 2008-Feature)
Update Active Report Drivers  (AI 2245-Stability)
Update Infragistics Drivers for Most Controls  (AI 2244-Stability)

Version 8.8.75 - Mixed (24 Dec 2015)

Add New Equipment Record While Grouped = Error  (AI 2243-Defect)
Hide All Calibration Menu Items = Startup Crash  (AI 2237-Defect)
Name of Current Config File in Error Report  (AI 2240-Feature)
New Default Bug Type Code of Custom Feature  (AI 2235-Feature)
Null Number or Date in CRM Dialogs = Crash  (AI 2236-Defect)
Show Visibility Setting Changes in Change Log  (AI 2217-Feature)
Two Errors When Files Folder Doesn't Exist  (AI 2222-Defect)

Version 8.8.74 - Bug (15 Dec 2015)

List of Config Files is Missing One File  (AI 2229-Defect)

Version 8.8.73 - Bug (14 Dec 2015)

Access + Non Mapped Network Doesn't Work  (AI 2224-Defect)
Adding Attachments in Equipment or Calibrations = Error  (AI 2228-Defect)
Can't Change Auto Fill After Setting - MS Access  (AI 2225-Defect)
Measurement Groups Do Not Delete Immediately  (AI 2227-Defect)
Switch Between Different Databases  (AI 1981-Feature)
Try to Open Non-Existant Web Folder = Error  (AI 2220-Defect)

Version - Bug (2 Dec 2015)

Check Out Recognizes Numeric Equipment ID as Master ID  (AI 2215-Defect)
DB Version Higher Than Program Version  (AI 2214-Defect)

Version 8.8.7 - Bugs (30 Nov 2015)

Accounts Grid Type for Customer/Client Different from Dialog  (AI 2181-Stability)
Action Cycle Dialog Combos Not Loading  (AI 2190-Defect)
Add Hour Glass When Refreshing Calibration History Grid  (AI 2178-Feature)
Add Notes field to Calls Grid  (AI 2129-Feature)
Add Release In Sequence to Bug Grids  (AI 2172-Feature)
Add/Missing Ref Records Buttons Labeled Incorrectly  (AI 2141-Defect)
Additional Bug Grid Filters  (AI 2013-Feature)
Additional Default Bug Resolutions  (AI 2043-Feature)
Additional Default Phone Type of 'Direct'  (AI 2143-Feature)
Additional Grid Filters for Contracts  (AI 2169-Feature)
After Deleting a Location Record The Grid Format Resets  (AI 1448-Defect)
Asset Label for Equipment Systems  (AI 2202-Feature)
Attempting to Link Duplicate Record in Panels = Error  (AI 2187-Stability)
Auto Emails Failed in Isolated Applications  (AI 2139-Defect)
Auto Emails w/Bad Emails = Data Reader Errors  (AI 2138-Defect)
Bug Panel in Opportunities Dialog  (AI 2164-Feature)
Bug Panel Non Functional in Releases Dialog  (AI 2068-Defect)
Calibration Certificate Due Date & Standards Not Visible  (AI 2180-Defect)
Calibration Due Grouped by Department Report  (AI 2173-Feature)
Calibration Record Due Dates Blank  (AI 2192-Defect)
Can't Create New Note in Account Dialog  (AI 2183-Defect)
Can't use [Enter] in Address Fields of New Group Dialog  (AI 2161-Feature)
Change Log - Simplify Language  (AI 1003-Stability)
Change New Dialog All Tab Controls to Size-to-Fit  (AI 2195-Usability)
Changes to Cal Due Dates in Calibration Dialog Don't Save  (AI 2157-Defect)
Check In/Out & Change Status of Equipment in Systems  (AI 1645-Feature)
Check In/Out with Custom Barcode  (AI 2199-Feature)
Check Out Intermittent With Some Data  (AI 1992-Defect)
Codes Table Grids  (AI 2044-Feature)
Contact Calls, Notes, & Bugs Visible at Account Level  (AI 2175-Feature)
Contracts Notes Should Hold More than 255 Characters  (AI 2113-Feature)
Copy & Paste from CRM Data Grids  (AI 2107-Feature)
Crash After Exporting Excel Document  (AI 2145-Defect)
Create Website to Non Existant Folder = Crash  (AI 2137-Defect)
Database Not Update for Web Databases  (AI 2191-Defect)
Default Best & Worst to Amount in New Group Dialog  (AI 2162-Feature)
Default Email Delay to 5 Seconds  (AI 2167-Stability)
Dialog to Increment Use Count by Filters  (AI 2171-Feature)
Disable Data Entry Fields in Check In/Out When Scanning  (AI 2177-Feature)
Do Not Copy Default File Option Grayed Out When Signed In  (AI 2136-Defect)
Encrypt Connection String in Config File  (AI 2101-Defect)
Filtered Count Doesn't Update for Custom Filters  (AI 2090-Defect)
Found/Fixed In Combo Items Not in Sequence Order  (AI 2069-Stability)
Hide BackUp/Restore When Using SQL  (AI 2014-Feature)
Highlight Soon & Past Due Use Count/Day Equipment  (AI 2212-Feature)
Inactivity Application Exit  (AI 2022-Feature)
Include Parameter Selections in Available Report Fields  (AI 1660-Feature)
Inspector Initials to Technican Name in Simple Cert  (AI 2123-Defect)
Language Database Not Updating During Updates  (AI 2140-Defect)
Leading Space in the Display Name  (AI 2170-Defect)
Make URL Field in Accounts Clickable  (AI 2019-Feature)
Manual Check Out With Numeric Equipment ID = Wrong Equipment  (AI 2213-Defect)
New Cal Event Missing Template - MS Access + Slow PCs  (AI 2194-Defect)
New Default Types of Trial & Returning for Contracts  (AI 2163-Feature)
New Ops from New Group Need Better Default Dates  (AI 2038-Feature)
New Release Dialog Should Default Active as Checked  (AI 2029-Feature)
No Default Sample Log Types  (AI 2193-Defect)
Non Alphanumeric Equipment IDs Do Not Scan  (AI 2200-Defect)
Note Field in Opportunities too Small  (AI 2160-Defect)
Notes Grid Sort Should Default to Most Recent  (AI 2018-Feature)
Open Part Number Lots = Crash  (AI 2196-Defect)
Opportunity Tab Order for Next Step in Wrong Position  (AI 2159-Stability)
Option to Default Check In/Out Counts  (AI 2059-Feature)
Option to Re-Enter Password When Signing  (AI 2021-Feature)
Panel Grids Display Null Dates as 01/01/0001  (AI 2166-Defect)
Partner & Prospective Partner as Default Account Types  (AI 2087-Feature)
Pressing [Enter] Should Submit in Manual Check In/Out  (AI 2179-Feature)
Remove Calibration Control Name from Default Databases  (AI 2197-Stability)
Report Param Values Not Visible With Lower Case FROM  (AI 2176-Defect)
Save Equipment Record Before Printing  (AI 2111-Stability)
Scan Barcoded Equipment IDs to Open Equipment  (AI 2201-Feature)
Second Equipment ID Field for Equipment Labels  (AI 2198-Feature)
Select All Records in CRM Grids  (AI 1682-Feature)
Should Not Be Able to Delete Contact from Bug Dialog  (AI 2146-Stability)
Some Fields in Cal Dialog Not Disabled When Approved  (AI 2158-Defect)
Synchronized Client Files Folders  (AI 2017-Feature)
Systems Dialog Asks to Save When Already Saved  (AI 2203-Defect)
Unlink & Delete Buttons Stay Enabled w/No Records  (AI 2174-Defect)
Updated Several Reports Formats  (AI 2188-Feature)
Verticle Scrolls for All Multi-Line CRM Text Boxes  (AI 2028-Feature)