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Use Calibration Control for Calibration, Asset, or Maintenance Management.  Quickly and visually track equipment that requires Calibration or Maintenance using customizable highlighted grids, automatic email notifications, or reports.

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Calibration Control

Calibration & Asset Management Software Solution

Use Ape Software's Asset and Calibration Management Software to help your organization meet the needs of external standards like ISO 9000/9001.  Use Calibration Control to organize calibration data for gauges, other test and measurement equipment, and to manage your internal and subcontracted calibration activities.

Easy to Use yet Capable

We're continually improving Calibration Control by working with our customer to add new features and simplify existing tools.  Yet we strive to keep the work-area clutter-free, which makes our software relatively easy for first-time users.

Automate Repeating Tasks

Automatically send Calibration Due email reminders to equipment Users, Department Managers, Technicians, Owners, Customers, etc. to ensure equipment is located, turned in on time, and no equipment is accidently forgotten.

Control User Access

Enable User Authentication and assign security roles (e.g., admin, technician) to control access and record who made what changes.  Refine security roles by granting different permissions (e.g., allow only super user roles {or no roles} to export data).


Use the many built-in reports (e.g., Calibration Certificates, Worksheets, Calibration Due reports and more) to increase productivity.  Customize existing reports (e.g., add your logo) or create your own using the Report Designer.

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Our Products & Services

Calibration Control

Use our Calibration Software to manage equipment and tools that require regular checks to confirm continued reliability and usefulness.
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SQL Cloud Hosting

Hire Ape Software to host and manage your internet-based SQL Server database (cloud access) with incremental and full backups.
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Database Migration

Migrate your MS Access Calibration Control (current version only) over to SQL Server 2016 or higher.
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