Ape Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA)

At Ape Software the continual improvement and maintenance of our software is a serious business.  Take a look at the Version History to see how many updates we make throughout the year to ensure you have the most stable and feature-rich product possible.

Our commitment to continual improvement and software stability is so important that we include a 12 month Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) with the purchase of our software products.  Additional years can be purchased at a 60% discount off the current price of the software when making an initial or renewal purchase.  Refer to the Pricing Page for more info.


The Annual Maintenance Agreement covers:

  • Free Version Updates:  Major and minor version updates are available for download at Software Download.  Only up-to-date installations of the current major version and the latest (most stable) previous versions are supported by Ape Software.  Updates that include new features and bug fixes are available exclusively to users covered by an SMA.
  • Free QUICK Support:  In general, the Free QUICK is included in your SMA and covers just about anything that can be addressed in a 5-10 minute phone or screen share session.  Examples of subjects that can be addressed are installation and deployment, non-technical training (e.g., teaching how to use and customize), customization, troubleshooting customized features (e.g., reports, graphs, & auto emails), and general how-to questions.  BASIC is the next level and is a paid support level.  Support is provided by screen share (most effective), email, or phone.
  • Free Bug Support:  Technical support relating to a bug found in the current version, or that also affects the current version, is always free, even if your SMA is not current.  We always want to know about bugs!
  • Upgrade Credit:  Prorated credit towards the purchase of a higher-level license to include number of users or multiple software modules.
  • Reaching Support:  Phone, email, and remote desktop support are available.  Ape Software can make use of other communication mediums and schedule off-hours support as required.  Live support is usually available between 9 am to 4 pm PST, Monday through Friday on non-federal holidays.  Email support is available 24/7 but may not be responded to until the next business day.

Terms and Conditions

  • Renewal:  The renewed Maintenance Agreement begins on the last day of the previous Agreement when the new Agreement receives the 25% or 50% discount (see the Cost section below) and is considered a RENEWAL of the previous Agreement.  When the new Agreement does not qualify for the 25% or 50% discount the Agreement is considered a NEW Agreement and will begin on the date of purchase.  Unless the Agreement has been canceled, a renewal invoice will be sent to the primary contact Ape Software has for your organization.  If a response is not received within 30 days or before the end of the Agreement term, the Agreement will be considered canceled.
  • Cost:  The cost of the Maintenance Agreement will be 50% of the current price of the software product at the time of renewal if the renewal occurs before the final date of the existing Agreement.  If the renewal occurs after the final date of the existing Agreement but within 90 days of expiration, the cost of the new Agreement is 75% of the current price.  Additional years can be purchased at 40% of the current price (i.e., 60% discount).
  • Cancelation:  The Maintenance Agreement can be canceled at any time in writing by e-mail, fax, or letter.  In case of cancelation, Ape Software will not pro-rate or issue any refunds for any unused time on this agreement.  There is no grace period for cancelations.
  • Expiration:  When your SMA expires, you can continue to use the currently installed software although you cannot upgrade to a new version until you purchase a new annual SMA.  If a major release occurs when your SMA is not in force, you will need to purchase an upgrade (new SMA) to access the new version.  Note that the cost of renewing an SMA is higher after an existing SMA has expired (only 25% discount) and higher again 90 days after expiration (only $100 returning customer discount).  Therefore, save money by renewing your annual SMA before it expires.
  • Customer Representative:  For the purposes of support relating to the fulfillment of this SMA, Ape Software Customers must identify (or simply use) a single point of contact (POC), especially in large multi-user/multi-site environments.  This customer POC is also commonly referred to as a Calibration Control Subject Matter Expert (SME) within the customer organization.
  • Transfer of SMA:  You may not transfer this SMA to a third party without written notification to and written consent from Ape Software.  This is to primarily ensure we know who we are working with and know who we have an obligation to.
  • Limitation:  This Agreement and the Ape Software End User License Agreement (EULA) shall be the only Agreements between Ape Software and you with respect to Software Maintenance.
  • Modification:  Ape Software reserves the right to modify this SMA.