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Use our pricing calculator to compare license options and browse our additional services below. You can easily add a new license to your cart below, purchase additional seats to add to your existing license, or contact us and we can work together to find the license that is right for your company's needs.

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Standard use and sale for Calibration Control is as follows:

  • One database may be used for each product key issued. Each product key represents a single license, which includes all licensed users.
  • One 12-month SMA is included with each license, regardless of license type or user seat count. If the SMA is expired and is not renewed, any software version released prior to the expiration date may be used indefinitely.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Per Seat & Concurrent?  

Per Seat (most common) refers to the number of people or computers (seats). While Concurrent refers to the total number of people who can use the software at one time.
For example, with a Per Seat license (and User Authentication not enabled), the number of machines that connect to the database cannot exceed the license count.  With a Concurrent license, (and User Authentication not enabled), the number of machines that connect to the database at the same time cannot exceed the license count. Refer to Licensing and Authentication for additional details.

What is the Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA)?  

Your license purchase comes with 12 months of updates and quick support.  If you renew before your agreement expires, you pay just half the cost of the then current price!  Purchase additional years at the time of a new/renew purchase for 60% off the current price.  New updates are added periodically.  Refer to the Software Maintenance Agreement for additional details.

What are the Purchase Order Terms?  

All POs and Invoices are NET 10 (calendar days) unless otherwise negotiated.

What is a User?  

A User is an individual who can make changes to the data in a central database.  Therefore, if User Authentication (sign-in mode) is ...

  • OFF :   Every person who uses the software (i.e., every computer where the software is installed) is a User.
  • ON:  Only those Users who have permission to make changes are Users, regardless of the number of computers the software is installed on.
Do I need to purchase Database Importing?  

Ape Software can save you $1000's and many hours of data entry by importing your data from your old spreadsheet or from old calibration tracking software.  When you purchase a New Calibration Control license, data importing is $99/ hr (normal price: $199 /hr). The import process usually takes about 3 hours (depending on the condition and scope of your data).  Send us a copy of your data for a quote.  If you need assistance sending us the correct data, just give us a call and we'll figure it out together via a screen share.

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User Count Per Seat Concurrent
Single User (Base License) $768 $1,037
Additional Seats $200 $300
Terminal Users (e.g., Barcode Scanning) $50 $75
Read Only Users FREE FREE

Renewal Discounts

Additional Year of Upgrades at Time of Purchase/Renew 60% Off
Renew Before Expiration of SMA 50% Off
Renew Within 3 Months After Expiration 25% Off

Additional Services

Database Import with Purchase of New License (3 hrs avg) ** $297 / 3 hrs
Database Migration (CC Current Version Access Database to SQL Server) $199
Install & Configure SQL Server Express $199 / hr
Free QUICK Support (5-10 min calls with current SMA) FREE
BASIC Tech Support (e.g., Software Use, Report Writing Coaching) $99 / hr
ADVANCED Tech Support (e.g., SQL Related) $199 / hr
SQL Server Annual Cloud Hosting (Internet) $399 / yr
Report Writing (Min Charge for Custom Report) $199
New Feature Programming (Min Charge for New Custom Feature) min $199
USB in the Mail (US/Canada Only) $25
On-Site Consulting Click Here
Add New Language in One Product $699
Custom Validation Report for Calibration Control (Current Version) $500
Lower .NET Version (e.g., 4.6) for Compatibility with Older Networks $199