Referencing Calibration Standards

How to Link Standards to Calibrated Equipment

Linking Standards/Masters to Calibration Events in Calibration Control (our Calibration Management Software) is simple.  They create a data trail (traceability) between national measurement standards and the Equipment Under Calibration.

ID a Calibration Standard

Before referencing in a Calibration Event, the Standard must exist as an Equipment record with the Calibration Standard checkbox checked.  Find this checkbox in the Calibrations tab of the Equipment dialog.

Is Calibration/Test Standard

Grid Highlight

By default, Calibration Standards display with a green highlight in the Equipment grid.  Refer to the Highlight Colors help topic for more information.

Green Calibration Standards

Link Calibration Standards

After Equipment records for Calibration Standards are created and identified as Standards, they can be linked to individual Calibration Events.  Double-click on a Calibration Event within the Edit Equipment dialog and click on the Standards/Misc tab.  From there, click on the [Edit Standards] button to select Standards.  Refer to the Calibration help topic for more information on creating a Calibration Event.

Calibration Standards

Available Standards

Clicking the [Standards] button in the Measurement Group of 'Calibration Details' displays a list of available Standards.  Unavailable Standards are those (a) standards currently out of calibration, (b) standards with their last calibration event with an As Left result of "Failed" or "Unknown", or (c) is the current equipment under calibration.

Select Standards


The process of linking a Standard to a Calibration Event makes a copy of the calibration information for that Standard and stores it in the Calibration Event record.  This means that when the calibration information for the Standard changes (after the Calibration Event), a snapshot of the Standard at the time of Calibration is preserved, which helps maintain accurate traceability.

Note:  If the Due Cal date has passed the present Calibration date, then the Standard is red and unavailable because it is past due for Calibration.

Last Updated:  14 August 2019