Auto Notify Utility

Send Notifications Automatically

Configure one or several Notification Events for scheduled reminders through email, desktop messages, or web publishing in Calibration Control (our Calibration Management Software).

  • Designate specific groups of people (such as Custodians, Technicians, Owners, Department Managers, etc.) to receive email notifications of their related equipment records that are due for attention (calibration or maintenance).
  • Get desktop pop-up reminders displaying the number of equipment due.
  • Publish a static HTML web link for your organization's intranet for internal access to Departments' list of Equipment Due Cal.
  • All notification events are customizable.
  • Notifications can be manually triggered and/or scheduled to auto-send.

Email SMTP Settings

Before sending automatic emails, you must enter SMTP information in the Email Options settings.  Note: Activate auto email events from only ONE host computer in order to avoid duplicate emails.

Auto Notify Grid

Access the Auto Notify utility feature from the Tools tab of the ribbon menu. This Auto Notify grid contains all available records of notification events.

Auto Notify Grid

Auto Notify Events

There are 17 Auto Notify events defined by default:

  • DueCal_[Person]:  Auto email notifications for the Person identified after the "DueCal_" string.
  • DueCal_Desktop:  Auto desktop notifications on the current computer.
  • DueMaint_[Person]:  Auto email notifications for the Person identified after the "DueMaint_" string.

  • Website_General:  Auto publication of a simple website listing all equipment in Department groups.  Determine the location for publishing an auto generated website from Options > Advanced > Folder Path.

Auto Notification Dialog

Auto Notify Dialog

  • Email Subject:  The text that appears in the Email Subject line.
  • Signature File:  Define which customized HTML Signature file is used as this email's signature (optional).
  • BCC:  Whenever an email is sent, the full blind carbon copy of the email can be sent to additional email address(es).  If more than one email in added to the BCC field, separate those emails with a comma, semicolon, or a hard return.
  • Schedule: When the Event is marked [Is Active], next select a Frequency or the schedule for auto-sending notifications.  There are three frequency options available: Daily, Weekly and Monthly.  For a Monthly frequency, select which Day(s) of the month from the Calendar.  For a Weekly frequency, select which Day(s) of the Week.

    Is Active (check box): To activate automation of the event, select the [Is Active] checkbox.  This will instantly create an automated Task in your Task Scheduler, which you can navigate to using the [Open Task Scheduler] button.

  • Date & Time: Select the starting date for this event and the specific hour and minute at which you would like the emails to be sent.

Send Message(s) / Send Test Message(s) Buttons

  • Send Message(s):  Manual trigger. Pressing the [Send Message] button sends the email notification to the defined Person group (e.g., Custodian, Technician, Manager), or displays the desktop notification, or creates the default website.
  • Send Test Message(s) to BCC:  Sends the email notifications to the email(s) listed in the BCC field only as a test run.

SQL tab

SQL Statements:

The Equipment Table SQL Statements can be viewed here.  This tab will be visible yet grayed out unless the signed-in User has permission to Edit SQL Statements (from the User record's Advanced Skills section).

Auto Notify Grid SQL Statements

Table Previews:

Preview the email-equipment table for each recipient by double-clicking on a Person name.  The User from the Recipients list can view their Equipment Due that will be included in their emails.

Auto Notify Grid SQL Table Previews

Body Template tab

The HTML Email Templates can be viewed here.  The body template is editable if the signed-in User has permission to Edit HTML (from the User record's Advanced Skills section).

Auto Notify HTML Edit

Note: Prevent specific users from editing SQL/HTML by defining these skills/permissions in the User dialog (Advanced Skills section).

Email Requirements

The Auto Email Notifications require related data in the following tables:

  • People Fields in Equipment Record:   Identify the Custodian, Technician, Owner, or Checked out By fields so Calibration Control knows which equipment is related to who.
  • Department Field in Equipment Record:   Identify the Department in the Equipment dialog and then, in the Department record, identify the Manager and Contact people.

  • Site in Equipment Record:   Identify the Site (e.g., Customer or Company Site) in the Equipment record and then, in the People records, connect them to Companies.

  • Emails in People Records:  Ensure the People identified in other locations (e.g., Equipment or Department records) have valid email addresses and ensure they do NOT have "Do Not Email" checked in their person record.

Troubleshooting Tips

Equipment Emails

Troubleshoot why there are missing records that were not listed or included in emails (equipment table) and troubleshoot why emails failed to send to specific recipients (people records). 

Select Equipment Emails grid from the Tools tab on the ribbon menu. 

Auto Notify Grid

Right-click within the Equipment Emails and select from the bottom of the context menu the specific Auto Notify Event type you are troubleshooting.

In this grid, the troubleshooting pink columns indicate the data field or missing value which results in an equipment email missing from the notification results.  All the pink (default color) highlighted columns will identify why an email was not sent to a Person or why an Equipment record is not present within an emailed list.  The available Equipment Email grid view filters are extremely useful to troubleshoot emails failing send to particular persons or not listed, due to (the data field columns highlighted in pink).  Right-click in grid to select a view of the Event you are using:

  • Equipment with Due Dates
  • Equipment to Email for Custodians
  • Equipment to Email for Checked Out
  • Equipment to Email for Owners
  • Equipment to Email for Calibration Technicians
  • Equipment to Email for Maintenance Technicians
  • Equipment to Email for Department Managers
  • Equipment to Email for Department Contacts
  • Equipment to Email for Site Contacts
  • Email Activity Log

    View details for all the emails that have been sent out by going to the Data Grids tab of ribbon menu for Email Activity in the Logs section.

    Auto Notify Emails Mail Activity Log

    Allow to Ignore Authentication

    With User Authentication Sign-In Mode is turned on, or when SQL Server Sign-In is the database format, then Calibration Control will require you to re-enter your credentials and will not send the scheduled emails until you sign in. . .  

    To prevent this from happening, go to Options > Advanced tab > Security. Ensure the checkbox for No Authentication for Auto Notifications is checked. 

    To prevent the hold-up from SQL Server Sign-In waiting for credentials, also ensure to checkmark "Remember" in the SQL Server Sign-In dialog for automatic database sign in.

    SMTP Test Procedure

    Also, to troubleshoot failing to send emails, take a look at the SMTP Test Procedure help topic if you are having difficulties with sending Auto-Notify emails. 

    Last Updated:  28 April 2022