Options - Security

Modify Calibration Control's advanced Security settings in the Options dialog. Easily activate User Authentication (sign-in mode) with just a click of a button, disable CC Terminal features, and more.

  • Activate/Deactivate Sign-In Mode:  Enable or disable the User Authentication Mode (Sign-In Mode).  At least one User must have Administrator privileges to Enable User Authentication and, by default, only an Administrator can disable Authentication.
  • Password Security:  Edit User password strength, rules, and expiration times.
  • Inactivity Exit:  Adjust how many minutes pass before Calibration Control prompts a user to sign-in again.
  • Sign In with Windows User Name:  For ease of use, use a Windows account to sign in to Calibration Control.
  • Only Current Users Can Check Out Equipment:  Prevents anyone but the currently signed in user from checking out Equipment.
  • Prevent Users From Saving Passwords on Client PCs:  When the Authentication mode (sign-in) is enabled and a User signs in, they are given the option of saving their User Name and Password for future automatic sign-ins.  Checking THIS option prevents the ability to save their User Name and Password.
  • Require Re-Entry of Password When Signing In:  Requires users to enter their password twice in order to successfully sign in.
  • No Authentication for Auto-Notifications:  Allows email notifications to be sent without prompting the user sign-in authentication dialog.

Disable Terminal Features for All Users

  • Disable Terminal Equipment Grid:  Prevents any user from seeing the main list of Equipment from the Terminal dialog.
  • Disable Check In/Out Dialog:  Prevents the use of the Check In/Out dialog when Terminal mode is activated.
  • Disable Status Change Dialog:  Prevents use of the Status Change dialog when Terminal mode is activated.
  • Disable Asset Transfer Dialog:  Either disable the Asset Transfer dialog completely or disable one or more of the fields that can be edited.
Program Options - Security

Last Updated:  13 August 2020