Part Numbers

Manage Part Numbers Related to Equipment

Part Numbers are specific to each piece of equipment and the Part Numbers grid keeps them organized within Calibration Control (our Calibration Management Software).  Find this grid in the Data Grids tab of the ribbon menu.

Part Numbers Grid

Edit Part Number Dialog

Use the General tab to organize all information related to part numbers.

  • Part Number:  Unique number assigned to the part record.
  • Part Name:  The name of the part record.
  • Description:  A physical description of the part.
  • Category:  The category that a part is assigned to.
  • Standard Cost:  The standard cost of the part.
  • List Price:  The listing price of the part.
  • Discontinued:  If the part has been discontinued, select the appropriate date.
  • Taxable and Active Checkboxes:  Check the corresponding box if a part is taxable or active.  Leave the boxes unchecked if it is not.
  • Notes:  Add any notes related to the part number.
Part Numbers Dialog

Part Number Sources

The Sources tab provides a list of the top 3 suppliers that your company uses to purchase specific parts and their specific part numbers.  It also includes a drop-down to choose their manufacturer.

Note:  Designate a 'Supplier' by navigating to the Companies grid, opening a record, and clicking on the [Email/Phones/People/Types] tab.  Once there, within the Company Types panel grid click on the [Link] icon and select the "Supplier" status.

Part Numbers Sources

Equipment & Calibrations

This tab contains panel grids used to link Equipment and Calibrations to a Part Number record.  Use the buttons at the bottom of the dialog to link, edit, and unlink records.  Click and drag on the middle gray bar to resize the panel grids.

Part Numbers Equipment & Calibrations

Work Orders

Create and manage work orders related to a part number.  Click the green [+] icon to add a new Work Order record.  Within this new dialog, add information related to a part number's 'Requestor', 'Department', 'Location', which account it's linked to, which category it's in, the priority level, and a space for a description.  Link equipment to the work order if necessary.

Part Numbers Work Orders

Other Tabs

  • Custom:  Visit the Change Field Names help topic to learn how to customize this tab for your company's needs.
  • Meta:  This is a READ-ONLY information tab used as a reference to view which user created the record and which user was the last to edit it.

Last Updated:  19 August 2019