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Product Comparison

Understanding the Differences

As some of our Users ask for new features, we add them!  Then there are other Users who only need basic functionality.  The general difference between FULL and SIMPLE is our response at helping everyone to find the features they need at the price points their budgets can afford.

General Feature Differences

In general, here are the differences between the FULL and SIMPLE versions of Calibration Control . . .

FULL Version SIMPLE Version
Every feature is available.  Simplify by hiding any feature and showing only needed features. Only the basic (SIMPLE) features are available.
Offers the most flexibility in feature availabiity.  If you're not sure which features you'll need, this is the best choice. For small organizations that need only the most basic features.

Detailed Calibration Feature Differences

This group of features is specifically related to the Calibration module.

Auto Notifycheck
Browse Due Callcheckcheck
Calibration Historycheckcheck
Calibration Options (Most)check
Due Cal Reportcheckcheck
Equipment Attachments Tabcheck
Equipment Calibrations Tabcheckcheck
Equipment Custom Tabcheckcheck
Equipment Notes Tabcheckcheck
Equipment Other Tabcheckcheck
Equipment Picture Tabcheck
Equipment Systemscheck
Highlight Calibration Standardscheckcheck
Highlight Due Calcheckcheck
Highlight Received OOTcheckcheck
Measure Templatescheck
Print Calibration Certificatecheckcheck
Print Calibration Due Reportcheckcheck
Print Calibration Worksheetcheckcheck
Print Future Calibration Labelscheck
Publish Websitecheck
Recalculate Due Datescheckcheck
Uncertainty Budgetcheck

Detailed General Feature Differences

The following features are available to all modules.  Currently there is only a single module (Calibration), but additional modules are in development and will be released soon.

Asset Transfer Dialogcheck
Backup/Restore Databasecheckcheck
Change Logcheck
Change SQL Logincheck
Check In/Out Dialogcheck
Companies Datacheckcheck
Company Typescheckcheck
Date Mask Optionscheck
Default Equipment Template Optioncheck
Department Datacheckcheck
Due Cal Offset Optioncheck
Email Optionscheck
Equipment Records 100 Maximum
Equipment Records Unlimitedcheckcheck
Equipment Typescheckcheck
Export Tool Browsecheckcheck
First Day of Week Optioncheck
Job Browse Gridcheck
Locations Datacheckcheck
Measure Unit Typescheckcheck
Measure Unitscheckcheck
Model Numberscheckcheck
Number Mask Optionscheck
People Datacheckcheck
Print Asset Tagscheckcheck
Print Custom Reportcheckcheck
Print Menucheckcheck
Print Tool Browse Gridcheckcheck
Procedures Datacheckcheck
Record Job Dialogcheck
Report Designercheckcheck
Scan Barcodecheckcheck
Security Optionscheck
Show Connection Stringcheckcheck
Sizes / Rangescheckcheck
SQL Connectcheck
Startup INIcheck
Status Change Dialogcheck
Status Codescheckcheck
Unique Alternate ID Optioncheck
User Datacheckcheck
User Sites Settingcheckcheck

Still Have Questions?

Get in touch with us and we'll find a way to make it all clear.  We'd love to hear from you!

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