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Attachments and Pictures

Add attachments and pictures to equipment and calibration records

Add attachments to an Equipment record by double-clicking on a record and navigating to the 'Attachments' tab.  Drag or drop a file into the Attachments tab or click the [New File] button.

Attachments List

After a file is selected, additional notes can be added.  The file can be related to an existing Calibration record or marked as the Default Equipment Image, if the file is an image.  Checking the 'Link Only' check box means the file being 'Attached' will stay at its current location and a link to that location will be saved in the database.  If the 'Link Only' check box is not checked, a copy will be made and saved in the application Attachments folder.

Attach File Window


The 'Add URL' button allows a user to attach a link to a wedsite or to a specific folder (directory).  Adding a link to a specific folder is helpful if more than 1 file is being attached.


Picture Tab

The Picture tab provides a quick reference to the single image attachment marked as the Default Image.

Picture Attachment Preview


The one picture displayed in the Picture tab is simply an Attachment designated as the Default Image for the Equipment.  Of course, in order for an attachment to be designated as the default picture, it must be a picture.  This also means the Picture will be listed as an attachment.

Attachment Types Relations

Last updated:  21 Dec 2016

Compatibility:  Calibration Control versions 8.0 to current (with MS Access database)

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